Integrated With a la mode Appraisal Studio Bradford Technologies


RapidSketch is already fully integrated with the following software:

         Bradford Technologies  

  • Seamless integration with ACI, a la mode, and United Systems
  • Automatically transfers your area calculations (GLA)
  • Automatically transfers the sketch image with totals
  • Automatically transfers all of your sketch save data so it can be edited later
If you have any additional questions about integration please contact our sales department at 888.884.5268 option 2.

Software developers wishing to integrate with RapidSketch:

Interested in using RapidSketch in conjunction with your custom web or PC based application? You’re in luck, RapidSketch is available in several forms for the following languages and platforms:

Web (For Internet Explorer):
  • Microsoft ASP
  • Microsoft ASP .NET
  • PERL & PHP Hosted on Windows Servers
  • Cold Fusion
Disk Based (Windows):
  • Microsoft.NET
  • VB 6
  • Visual C++
  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Fox Pro
  • Or any other language which can use COM accessible components

Please follow the quick survey below so that we can help you to determine which version of the RapidSketch integration SDK would be right for your application.

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