Integrated With a la mode Appraisal Studio Bradford Technologies

RapidSketch is fully integrated with ACI Appraisers Choice 2006.

  • Automatically transfers your area calculations (GLA)
  • Automatically transfers the sketch image with totals
  • Automatically transfers all of your sketch save data so it can be edited later
RapidSketch also includes:
  • FREE telephone support M-F 9am-6pm EST
  • FREE 1 on 1 training via telephone and remote desktop control
  • FREE online training webinars 3 days per week.
Copies of RapidSketch for use with ACI must be purchased through ACI directly at 800-234-8727. Once purchased, support may be obtained through ACI or through FREE RapidSketch support at 888-884-5268.

Additional information on RapidSketch for appraisers.

RapidSketch™ Now Available in ACI2006™
Advanced Sketching Solution connects with The Appraisers Choice™

Palm Coast, November #, 2006 – ACI, a leading innovator in technology for the valuation industry, announced today that RapidSketch™, an advanced software application for creating floor plan diagrams, is now fully integrated with ACI2006™. RapidSketch™ is a product of Utilant, a New York-based company that provides sketching solutions for appraisers and insurance inspectors.

With RapidSketch™, ACI brings yet another offering to the already feature-rich ACI2006™ appraisal software. Combining innovation and utility, RapidSketch™ introduces several new concepts to the floor plan software industry that make mouse drawing intuitive, easy, and incredibly powerful.

"We are thrilled that ACI, the definitive leader amongst appraisal software companies has completed the RapidSketch™ integration. Offering RapidSketch™ with ACI2006™ means that we are positioned alongside a product that reaches thousands of appraisers each day and able to help them experience a faster, more efficient way to complete their appraisal reports. We couldn’t ask for a better partner or product platform in this industry," said Patrick Davis, partner, Utilant.

"Appraisers took an instant liking to RapidSketch™ when the product was initially previewed at the Valuation Expo in Las Vegas," said George Opelka, vice president, ACI. "With RapidSketch™, ACI continues its commitment of providing superior product choice and stability while meeting the ever-growing needs of appraisers."

RapidSketch™ is now available with introductory pricing through ACI. All interested parties may contact ACI Sales at 800-234-8727.

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