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RapidSketch is fully integrated with WinTOTAL Aurora and Athena.

  • Automatically transfers your area calculations (GLA)
  • Automatically transfers the sketch image with totals
  • Automatically transfers all of your sketch save data so it can be edited later
When purchased through our online cart your copy of RapidSketch is immediately ready to be integrated with WinTOTAL with full instructions given at checkout time.

Please note that RapidSketch must be purchased before it will integrate fully with WinTOTAL. When you purchase RapidSketch, you will be asked for your WinTOTAL ID. Purchasing RapidSketch automatically sets up a WinTOTAL license.

RapidSketch also includes:
  • FREE telephone support M-F 9am-6pm EST
  • FREE 1 on 1 training via telephone and remote desktop control
  • FREE online training webinars 3 days per week.

Additional information on RapidSketch for appraisers.

You can purchase RapidSketch for a $149 one time fee by clicking here.

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