Integrated With a la mode Appraisal Studio Bradford Technologies

How ?

  • Industry best mouse drawing support with all the keyboard commands you're already used to!

  • Editing existing features like changing wall lengths, deleting walls, changing labels and more has never been easier.

  • No need to memorize tedious keyboard commands, everything is intuitive and at your fingertips with no memorization required!

Why should I choose RapidSketch instead of the other guys ?

  • VALUE! We don't play games with our pricing, and we are up front about what is included. RapidSketch is a ONE TIME FEE of $149 for your first computer, and only $75 for additional computers. That fee includes FREE support and training at no additional cost. No other sketch tool is even close!

  • Small company pride, small company personalized support! RapidSketch is a small company with a BIG product; we stand behind our software and back it up with FREE TRAINING and FREE SUPPORT. We care about each and every sale, and keep our phone lines properly staffed to keep you from having to wait on hold.

  • Cutting Edge! Our product was designed from the ground up, taking a whole new approach to sketching that is truly free form. Draw how you want, connect the lines, delete and modify things as you go, we don't place restrictions on the user as they draw, and we don't force you to memorize a ton of commands!

  • RISK FREE! 15 day free trial, and 90 day no questions asked return policy.

Do you integrate with my forms provider?

RapidSketch is already fully integrated with the following software:



  • Seamless integration with ACI, a la mode, United Systems and Braford Technologies
  • Automatically transfers your area calculations (GLA)
  • Automatically transfers the sketch image with totals
  • Automatically transfers all of your sketch save data so it can be edited later
If you have any additional questions about integration please contact our sales department at 888.884.5268 option 2. Many other forms providers support copy and paste integration, call or email sales for instruction on how to use RapidSketch with your non-integrated forms package.

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